September 29, 2020

How To Trade Apple This Week

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pumped today — ready to take on the stock market and come out a winner by the end […]
September 27, 2020

The Anatomy of a Perfect Trade

New or seasoned traders alike… everyone wants to know what a perfect trade looks like and how to execute it themselves.  So today I figured I’d […]
September 24, 2020

If You’re Bullish, Trade Peloton

We’re thick in the middle of a pandemic, with no additional stimulus bill in sight and a presidential election on its way. It’s safe to say […]
September 22, 2020

WIFI: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Let me ask you something: What do you actually know about WIFI?  Wifi gives us high-speed connections (wirelessly) from the internet to our phones, computers and […]
September 20, 2020

Your First Time Trading Options

Your first time trading options can be hard. Options get their value from the underlying price of a stock, and they give traders the right (but […]
September 17, 2020

Nikola Motors: The Center of Controversy

I recently covered how much Nikola Motors just doesn’t sit well with me personally… or my trading account. Well, the company just did the unthinkable… Last […]
September 15, 2020

Major 5G Bargain in 2021

We’ve witnessed countless technological advances in the past decade — but none more game-changing than 5G. And it seems that lady luck is on our side. […]
September 13, 2020

Shake Shack’s Next Big Move

Fast food might not be good for your health, but investing in it can certainly help fatten up your wallet. Fast food is a massive and […]
September 10, 2020

How To Handle a Major Sell-off

The stock market experienced a major shake down recently, causing Wall Street to plummet 3.4%… and my beloved stocks paid the price for it. There’s a […]