The next two months should see amazing opportunities for traders in the biotech sector (for more on that see below).

Over the coming days, I’ll be releasing a series of videos to help you trade this sector as it continues to heat up.

I’ll be posting new videos every day so you absorb this information piece by piece…

How to Place an Options Order

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let me start with the basics. Here’s a short video on how to place an options order.

How to Exit a Trade

Now it’s time for the fun part – taking profits! Here’s how to exit an options trade.

How to Set Up Alerts on Charts

Wanna trade while you’re on vacation? Here’s how I set alerts so I don’t have to stare at charts all day…

Trading Event Volatility

Catalyst events like earnings and FDA trials can unleash extreme volatility, and with it, incredible profit opportunities for traders. Watch me break down how I trade event volatility.

Trading Biotech Catalysts

The biotech sector is unlike any other sector in the market. For most sectors, binary events like earnings only come four times a year… But for biotech companies, big swings can happen all the time! Let me show you how I trade these unique biotech event catalysts.

FDA Rampage 2021!

Thanks to recent FDA “desk clearing” activity, Lance is hosting an Emergency Biotech Briefing to issue a FREE emergency trade alert
and show you the exact steps he’s taking to trade the biotech sector to close out 2021!