For the past several weeks we’ve seen a massive outbreak of “AI Fever” all around the world… 

Since the Nov. 30 launch of generative AI chatbot, Chat GPT, millions of users have flocked to its website to test the limits of the earth-shattering technology. 

Whether it’s writing “Seinfeld” scripts that are too hot for TV, earning an MBA or passing the bar, the programs continue to collect a series of impressive headlines… 

And the institutional traders on Wall Street are taking notice! 

So before the machines swoop in to take all of our jobs, I’ve put together a list of these three top AI stocks Wall Street is buying right now… 

The 3 Top AI Stocks Wall Street is Buying Right Now 

At the top of the list we have Inc. (NYSE: AI), one of the leading companies applying new AI models in the enterprise software space… 

The company aims to change the way its customers interact with computer tools that help them organize their businesses with an impressive list of clients including the U.S. Army and Air Force and energy behemoths like Shell PLC (NYSE: SHEL). 

And with the growing focus on AI-focused tech firms, it shouldn’t come as any shock to see that institutional options flow into is getting bigger and more frequent… 

This past Friday we saw over $450,000 of premium hit on the Feb. 17 expiration, $27 strike calls… 

The following Monday the stock ripped to the upside as much as 19% from the previous close — you have to love it! 

Ai Chart

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Check the video and let’s talk about the other names on my list of the three top AI stocks Wall Street is buying right now. 

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