I want to thank everyone who joined me LIVE earlier — on Valentine’s Day, no less — to talk about where I see the markets heading and unveil some big changes for 2023…

And one of those changes is Blitz Daily is now The Shadow Tracker! So let’s get to it and jump straight into this flow…

It may be Valentine’s, but there’s no love in the air on Wall Street as stocks churned on the heels of the latest inflation data.

While the overall Consumer Price Index showed a decline in year-over-year inflation for the seventh straight month, rising costs for categories like housing, energy and food have traders skeptical of the Federal Open Market Committee taking a more dovish stance after the March meeting.

The choppy price action turned into another light day in options volume as institutions digested the move… 

But when flow slows down, the big orders stand out in a big way — especially when it’s a massive earnings bet like we saw with marketing software company Trade Desk!

With shares climbing over 2% just hours ahead of its Feb. 15 earnings release, my scanners picked up a huge spike in options volume, with one trader sweeping up about 7,400 contracts of the Feb. 17 expiration, $45 strike puts for more than $945,000 in premium!

Of course, volatile markets like these are no time to fall in love with trades. So remember, we always want to use proper risk management and stay nimble as we take a look at Tuesday’s options action…

  • The Trade Desk Inc. (Nasdaq: TTD): Feb. 17, $45 PUT.
  • Canopy Growth Corp. (Nasdaq: CGC): July 16, $1.50 PUT.
  • Bank OZK (Nasdaq: OZK): March 17, $45 PUT.

Check out my short video as I break down the day’s most unusual options order flow in no time flat!

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Get Ready for What’s Coming

Shadow Tracker With Lance Ippolitto

At Shadow Trader, we follow the big fish and what they’re buying. And we do that with my proprietary Shadow Scanner, which alerts me to big, institutional order flow through the day. Then we get in on these plays and follow the “smart money.” 

The Shadow Tracker with Lance Ippolito is where I go over a few options trades that hit the Shadow Scanner each day, Monday through Thursday. I break down the trades with the sexiest order flow and tell you what could happen with those stocks by the next day’s opening bell.*

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In the meantime, you can check out my YouTube channel for more trading insights and tips. And as always, you can find me right here talking stocks and options trading on newmoneycrew.com.

*This is for informational and educational purposes only. There is inherent risk in trading, so trade at your own risk.